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Information about Café Vert and Colon Detox

Diets are many, but very few have the desired effect, maintain a long-term weight loss or are sustainable without side effects and discipline over a longer period. For this reason, so-called diet pills have been developed, which are especially widespread in the USA. Now Germany has also opened the market for diet pills and approved numerous products that do not cause any health damage.

Nevertheless, they often differ in their efficiency, which is ultimately based on the ingredients and their exact coordinated dosage. With Cafe Vert, a diet capsule has been developed that meets the high standards of a successful diet without yo-yo effect. Especially in combination with Colon Detox can achieve long-term weight reduction without starving, changing diet, or exercising non-stop. The only discipline required is regular intake of the capsules.

Cafe Vert is a product made from 100% Arabica coffee extract from which green coffee beans are extracted. Arabica coffee is also known as mountain or java coffee and is one of the finest coffees in the world. Arabica coffee is characterized by its good compatibility. In conjunction with other ingredients, Cafe Vert’s green coffee extract helps dissolve fats, accelerate fat burning, and enhance well-being during your diet with Cafe Vert.

The efficacy of Cafe Vert is complex and aims especially at large fat deposits, which, depending on the gender of the user, usually refer to the typical body regions such as abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Due to the targeted fat dissolution in the storage cells, in addition to weight reduction, there are also improved body contours. This means that Cafe Vert is designed not only for overweight women and men, but also for normal weight people, where nature has provided unsightly, disproportionate fat deposits in certain parts of the body. Cafe Vert is appetizing, reduces cravings and increases satiety.

Colon Detox is a detoxification drug that naturally floats harmful toxins out to the outside through the intestines. Toxins in the body can not only cause illness and age the skin faster, but also limit the organ functionality and are responsible for obesity or large fat storage.

Colon Detox is not a laxative that forces diarrhea and defecation. Due to the purely vegetable ingredients , only increased intestinal excretion occurs, which usually extends to two to three times a day and in most cases has a maximum of a soft consistency. The detoxifying agent stimulates the digestive system , strengthens the intestinal flora and boosts fat burning. In addition, Colon Detox has a variety of ingredients that increase the well-being and prevent the otherwise typical side effects such as tiredness, lack of concentration or bad mood. In addition, Colon Detox stops cravings and provides a faster satiety.

Ingredients and effects of Café Vert & Colon Detox

Cafe Vert has as its main ingredient green coffee extract from the high-quality Arabica coffee bean. This is fat-soluble in both free fats and fat cells, which are created by the body to store fat reserves. In the long term, the green coffee extract prevents the emergence of fat cells and the spread.

The green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acid, which is considered the latest trend in the slimming scene. It is a natural substance that does not allow sugar to enter the blood stream and thus prevent sugar from being converted into fat.

Caffeine has an invigorating effect, reduces the feeling of hunger, prevents tiredness and provides more brain power. Magnesium stearate stimulates muscle blood flow , which makes the organs work better. Micro-crystalline cellulose as an ingredient in Cafe Vert ensures an intact digestive system, accelerates metabolism, provides energy and normalizes cholesterol levels. As a result, dissolved fat particles flushed out give the body performance and improves blood circulation.

Colon Detox contains purely herbal substances, such as lovage, cayenne pepper, fennel seeds, ginger, psyllium and rhubarb and pumpkin seeds. Ginger is one of the key ingredients in Colon Detox. This plant-grown product primarily supplies the body with the important vitamin C and minerals, such as iron and potassium. In addition, ginger promotes the production of gastric juice, which causes food to decompose faster. In addition, ginger stimulates the intestinal activity, resulting in increased fat burning. Lovage stimulates the digestive system and, in combination with vitamin C from ginger, provides more kidney activity, which also removes toxins. In addition, Lovage is stimulating.

Cayenne pepper is known for its fat burning properties . Fennel seeds provide well-balanced well-being and soothe internal organs such as the intestines. As a result, irritation is prevented with increased intestinal excretion. Psyllium persists for a long time and promotes a healthy bowel function. Rhubarb as an ingredient in Colon Detox contains lots of fiber and acids. This leads to a binding of fatty substances, which can be transported faster in this form from the body.

Pumpkin seeds are also included in Colon Detox, which in addition to numerous vitamins and minerals also have healthy unsaturated fatty acids. These provide a strong heart, lower cholesterol and promote blood circulation. They promote mental performance and have an appetite suppressant effect through filling fiber.

Why Cafe Vert and Colon Detox should be Combined

In the composition of Cafe Vert, the manufacturers increasingly rely on the fat-dissolving effect. Obese people often suffer from indigestion, so that excretion of harmful substances is usually predominantly via the kidneys. Since Cafe Vert show an intensive effectiveness and it can come to numerous dissolved fat particles, these must be excreted without Colon Detox mainly over the kidney to the outside. This puts additional strain on the kidneys, and complete elimination may not be possible. Over time, fatty substances remaining in the body could revert to their previous consistency and re-establish themselves as fat cells at depot sites.

To prevent this, Colon helps Detox by excreting an excretion of pollutants and dissolved fat particles through the intestine. This relieves the kidneys and the chance of complete flushing increases many times over. In addition, Colon Detox has numerous active ingredients that help with a diet with Cafe Vert in the weight loss by burning fat due to increased bowel activity. With the simultaneous intake of Cafe Vert and Colon Detox faster weight goals are achieved and a healthier weight loss takes place, in which the affected feel completely comfortable.

What Experience did Customers have with the Products?

Both Cafe Vert and Colon Detox have reviews on the internet and in numerous magazines and magazines. These are satisfactory to enthusiastic with few exceptions. Above all, the fact that no nutrition plan must be complied with , compliance with which due to lack of discipline for many is not possible in the long term, appeals to many obese persons. Statements such as “I could never lose weight so easily” or “finally a weight loss option where I do not have to jealously look my children on the plate” are read a lot.

Positive reviews from customers who have taken or are still taking both drugs Cafe Vert and Colon Detox are also found. Thus, numerous read of rapid weight loss in a few weeks, the courage to persevere. 15 kilograms of weight reduction in eight weeks, according to customer experience is not uncommon.

Other customers are happy that, despite dieting with Cafe Vert and / or Colon Detox, they do not experience any side effects over a long period of use. In some cases, customers assess their performance and mood even better than they were before dieting.

Use of Cafe Vert and Colon Detox

In the application both preparations are easy to handle. From Cafe Vert one capsule is swallowed whole or twice a day with enough liquid. Basically, the intake time is freely selectable and does not have to be done before or after meals. In order to achieve a strong effect, especially during the main meals, it is still recommended to take Cafe Vert around an hour before eating. Then the capsule has reached its full effect intensity and can dissolve the fats of the newly ingested food early, before they make their way to the fat deposits.

Also, Colon Detox is taken whole or twice daily with plenty of fluid. Certain intake times do not have to be adhered to. However, it is recommended to abstain from taking just before going to sleep, so that nothing disturbs a quiet night’s sleep.

User experiences with Cafe Vert

Astrid, 34, nurse

Hello everybody. I am Astrid, 34, a nurse and I am in the middle of life, both privately and professionally. The job is more stressful than most people can possibly imagine, and even though I’m single, for a long time I did not pay enough attention to myself. I was just happy to put my feet up after a long day at work, quickly get something to eat and sit in front of the TV. My diet was far from conscious and from the age of 30 onwards, I did a lot of work in the areas typical of women.


And now comes the moment when I really want to change something. That’s why I opted for an intelligent diet that included conscious nutrition, colon cleansing with Colon Detox capsules and Cafe Vert. The former makes the intestinal flora fit again and the latter helps the metabolism to absorb less fat or to burn faster. Because a good diet does not work in 30 days, but should be planned in the medium and long term. That is the only way it is sustainable. It seems to work pretty well with Colon Detox and Cafe Vert.

Sarah, 28, secretary

When I first read about Cafe Vert in conjunction with Colon Detox, I thought: These are just some ‘miracle pills’ that promise a magic diet in 30 days with zero effort. Basically I was skeptical about such promises, so I did not read any further – until a colleague in the office told me: ‘Fiona, you have to give it a try!’

She gave me an information booklet about Cafe Vert in connection with Colon Detox I also read through in the coffee break. Only then I realized that Colon Detox is nothing but a colon cleansing, a kind of fitness boost for the intestinal flora, at the age of twenty-eight, I thought I could use that pretty well. And Cafe Vert is not a magic or an appetite suppressant at all, but a natural substance that helps the body’s metabolism to absorb less fat, but burns it faster. And this information has motivated me to start an intelligent diet with Cafe Vert and Colon Detox.

Thorsten, 42, Trucker

Serve each other. I’ll take a quick look. My name is Thorsten, I’m 41 and since I’m a lot of truckers and unfortunately I also do a lot of snatching, I fight with my weight. My wife does not like that and now she has put me on a diet. But since she knows my bad mood when I’m hungry, she has prescribed me a medium-term, intelligent diet. I support that with Cafe Vert and Colon Detox. I’m curious if it works. At least I sometimes feel hungry. I can live with that.

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