Iconic Forskolin Extract – Is Iconic Forskolin Extract Weight Loss Supplement Read About Ingredients Effects and Benefits?

We are looking at Iconic Forskolin Extract, a slimming pill that should help us say goodbye to our extra pounds and detoxify our body. The detoxification cures or called short “Detox” seem a practice more and more indicated by specialists of weight loss. It seems indeed that a body better prepared for a change in terms of weight is more likely to see slimming goals achieved. Iconic Forskolin Extract is a dietary supplement often presented as multi-action with an emphasis on its Detox effect. Our survey will tell you whether or not you can count on this product to fight against your unsightly curves.

Presentation and Promises Of Iconic Forskolin Extract

First of all, we find that there is really official Iconic Forskolin Extract site. There are only a multitude of reseller sites or pages.

We have reviewed several of these pages, and we have observed that each one has benefited from a translation that is frankly satisfactory, and which gives an image of seriousness from the first approach.

Here are some pearls that will allow you to make your own opinion:

  • “The market is full of weight loss supplements that do not really live up to claims.”
  • “A good weight loss supplement can help you achieve the right conditions …”
  • “Coupled with exercise, this is a sure way to shot weight loss”
  • Still, let’s continue our investigation and review the promises made by Iconic Forskolin Extract:
  • Melts excess weight;
  • Weight control aid;
  • Action booster metabolism;
  • Detoxifying the body.

Iconic Forskolin Extract is presented as a pill to be combined with another product, Pure Renewal Cleanse, which aims to cleanse and detoxify the colon. The two products however remain sold separately.


According to information gathered, Iconic Forskolin Extract would be based on 2 ingredients flagship products slimming: raspberry ketone and green coffee.

  1. Raspberry Ketone:

Raspberry ketone is renowned for its effectiveness in dieting.

The raspberry ketone increases the levels of adrenaline and adiponectin in the body, 2 hormones that play an important role in the burning of fat, but also the accumulation of these in the tissues.

The raspberry ketone also has the ability to stimulate the decomposition of lipids via an enzymatic action, lipase.

  1. Green Coffee:

It is the chlorogenic acid but also the caffeine present in this ingredient that act on weight loss.

Chlorogenic acid helps reduce the sugars and fats absorbed by the body, while caffeine increases thermogenesis, boosts metabolism and decreases the sensation of hunger.

It should be noted that no precise dosage of these ingredients is given. So we have no idea how much each ingredient is in the Iconic Forskolin Extract capsules.

The efficacy of the product can not be assessed according to this criterion.

Scientific Studies on Iconic Forskolin Extract

No clinical studies have been done on the slimming pill Iconic Forskolin Extract. Only ingredients in its composition have been studied.

The results obtained with raspberry ketone have shown that this ingredient can effectively reduce the accumulation of fat. However the results have yet to be expanded and reproduced, especially on man, to give the raspberry ketone a truly assured place in the list of effective ingredients to lose weight.

We give example of this study having as subject “the raspberry ketone, phenol component of natural origin inhibits the expression of the adipogenic and lipogenic gene in 3T3-L1 adipocytes”.

This study consisted of studying the anti-obesity actions of raspberry ketone and its action on the modification of lipid metabolism in vivo and on humans.

This study concluded the effectiveness of the raspberry ketone contained in natural herbal medicines.

Green coffee has also been studied, with rather encouraging results.

A study compared 13 varieties of coffee to assess the antioxidant effect of green coffee compared to roasted coffee.

It has been found that the antioxidant effect of coffee depends on its polyphenol content.

Side Effects and Contraindications

The information collected does not mention any side effects or contraindications for Iconic Forskolin Extract.

Indeed, raspberry ketone and green coffee seem to be both healthy ingredients.

However, let’s not forget that we do not know what specific doses contain the Iconic Forskolin Extract pills. It is therefore impossible to guarantee that it is a totally harmless product.

As a precaution, we do not advise pregnant or nursing women to take this slimming pill.

The same warning is valid for people under medical treatment, and of course for children and minors.

Price and Warranty

Iconic Forskolin Extract is offered as a free trial offer.

We have cautioned our readers against this practice on many occasions.

Indeed, at first glance, the product costs you 0 $, and you only pay $5,94 of postage and handling.

A guarantee satisfied or refunded is proposed.

We have nowhere found the CGV of Iconic Forskolin Extract, so it is impossible to determine the conditions of this guarantee nor the procedure of return.

Our Opinion About Iconic Forskolin Extract

If we summarize the negative points, we have: an unknown manufacturer, an unknown dosage of ingredients, a lack of official website, and a free trial offer leading to abusive levies. With all this information, we can only discourage this pill, and invite our readers to turn to more reliable products.

If you still have subscribed to Iconic Forskolin Extract and you are the victim of repetitive samples without consent from your bank account, our section dedicated to scammers for the free trial will help you get out of this spiral.

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