Meals to Lose Weight Healthily

Dieting provides many benefits, but if we want to lose weight should include some foods that will allow us to burn fat faster, speed up our metabolism and eliminate some kilos left over us. Some meals to lose weight best known are the fruits, and vegetables, this variety should be chosen that contains a high content of vitamin C as this also strengthen the body and prevent diseases such as colds or flu also it is a powerful fat burning and also helps improve digestion.

It is also important to know the food chemistry as not all calories are created equal, and not all foods equal amount of calories produce the same slimming effect, for example some fruit has few calories compared to other foods, but contains much fructose which is transformed into sugar and can be an element that makes fat or accumulate body fat.

Types of Meals to Lose Weight

It is important to choose the type of diet foods, for example should eliminate all industrial foods such as flour or sweet or processed foods. The type of food that can be included are those that provide nutrients such as pasta or rice, but in moderation.

If what you want is to lose weight quickly and vegetables nourish the body greens are the best option. These have very few calories, provide minerals, vitamins , calcium, iron and many micro nutrients that the body needs. Especially spinach, chard contains much iron. Lettuce is very good to strengthen the tissues because it contains retinal or grades amounts of vitamin A and is very low in calories.

Other meals to lose weight are called white meats, especially fish, have very COAS calories and are a good source of protein, some of the types of suggested fish harp include in our daily diet they include salmon, sardines , herring, mackerel. These foods are fattening filling and very little, have few calories and others are an excellent source of iodine.

Variants and Possibilities

When it comes to vegetables, vegetables called cruciferous are the ones who help you lose weight, they include broccoli, a great source of vitamin E and one of the least calories contributes and are a great source of protein.

Some dairy products has a good reputation, such as yogurt, it has few calories and is a good source of calcium, especially the comprehensive yogurt, it can be combined with fresh fruits for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Meals to lose weight most recommended are salads of all kinds, but especially those containing larger amount of leafy green vegetables. It is important not to use many salad dressings such as mayonnaise or mustard may be because they contain fat and are an important calorie intake. Fruits can be included as desserts, or as a complement to breakfast, you eat three servings of conseja the same day.

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