Stendora Garcinia Reviews: Price, Effects, Does it Lose Weight?

The Stendora garcinia has become very popular in recent years due to their alleged slimming powers. But is she so powerful? Is it worth buying and using?

Find out by following the main information about this powerful fruit.

What is?

Stendora Garcinia, also known as garcinia gummi-gutta and tamarind of Malabar, is a fruit about the size of an orange, and shaped like a pumpkin. Originally from Indonesia, it is currently grown in Far Eastern countries, especially in India, and has been gaining more space in Brazil due to its weight loss effects, especially as a natural fat burner.

From the bark of this fruit, an extract has been made and this in turn is dehydrated and sold in capsules as an aid in the process of slimming. These capsules should be ingested mainly before meals, bringing satiety to the individual who will eat less, and consequently will lose weight.

In addition to assisting in weight loss, Stendora Garcinia brings other health benefits such as improved digestion, pain relief from arthritis and even healing of ulcers.

What is Stendora Garcinia’s use for taking Benefits

Most people have sought to use this product as an aid in the weight loss process. Since the chemicals contained in Stendora Garcinia bring satiety, they partially block the absorption of fats by the organisms and also inhibit the transformation of the carbohydrates acquired through the diet into fats.

However, it is not only for this purpose that Stendora Garcinia is useful. Other benefits can also be obtained from ingestion of it. People who suffer from insomnia, or mood disorder can also and should make use of the extract.


Besides being considered a natural slimming, other benefits can be obtained from the ingestion of Stendora Garcinia. Below are the main ones.

The hydroxycitric acid present in this fruit has the function of inhibiting the enzyme that transforms the carbohydrates into fat

Intake of the extract of this fruit has the power to inhibit the production of LDL (bad cholesterol), thus regulating the rate of triglycerides:

  • May help people who have insulin resistance
  • Regulates mood by increasing serotonin levels
  • Helps to improve sleep quality
  • It is a natural appetite suppressant
  • It can aid in the health of the digestive system
  • Relieves pain caused by arthritis
  • Can help to heal ulcers

Do you Really Lose Weight?

The answer is yes. Studies have shown that the slimming power of Stendora Garcinia is two to three times greater than that of the other methods available on the market. And best of all, this is all natural. And when it is said to be natural, it is because this product will not affect the central nervous system, like the others. In addition the side effects from the use are very few and in many people nonexistent.

The results will be even better if associated with intake of the fruit extract, the person adopts a balanced diet, and perform some type of aerobic physical activity at least three times a week.

How it works?

The main attribute of Stendora Garcinia that causes people to use it in the process of slimming is the inhibition of appetite. By ingesting the dried extract of this fruit, the person starts to have a greater satiety and with that, will eat less, consequently will lose weight.

This satiety occurs because the extract of the ingested plant will cause the organic tissues to remain with the ideal amount of glycogen (form of sugar stored in the body, especially in the muscles and liver). With this, the body will not feel the need to ingest more sugar, since it is already with the maximum amount required.

Besides the satiety, the Stendora Garcinia brings other benefits to those who wish to lose weight. In this case, the benefit occurs because of a substance present in it, called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This acid acts in two ways, they are:

It inhibits the conversion of the ingested carbohydrate into fat, which would later be converted into adipose tissue;

It causes the body to use as its source of energy the carbohydrates ingested through food. This will make the person feel less hungry than normal.

How to take Stendora Garcinia

Stendora Garcinia is marketed in capsules, usually containing 500 mg each.

To achieve the desired results, the person should take at least 3 capsules a day, half an hour before the main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). One should take care of taking the capsules on an empty stomach.

The amount of extract ingested will depend on how much you need to lose weight. For those who need to lose more than 10 pounds, it is suggested to increase the intake to 6 capsules a day. This is for faster results. This is the maximum amount of safety, 3,000 mg of extract per day.

Side effects

Because it is a natural product, the side effects of using Stendora Garcinia are very mild. Only people who exaggerate the consumption of garcinia cambogia can suffer from some side effect.

The most common side effects reported by people who took Stendora Garcinia were:


Dry mouth

It is also worth noting that these effects also vary according to the brand of the product obtained.

Stop taking Stendora Garcinia and seek medical advice if different and more severe side effects occur than those listed above. Remember your health should always be in the first place.


This product is only contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Infants;
  • Children;
  • People taking antidepressants;

Final considerations

It is noteworthy that although some research shows that Stendora Garcinia works as a natural slimming, in the process of slimming from the reduction of body fat, along with the use of this seek to adopt a healthy diet, seeking to consume the least possible processed foods, and try to perform some kind of physical activity at least three times a week.

This is important because if you do not change your eating habits, you can lose weight with the help of the extract of this fruit. However, when you stop taking, you will gain all the lost weight in a short time.

So, the ideal as stated above is to do a re-education of food and adopt a healthier life. You can and should make use of a Stendora Garcinia supplement, but only as an aid in the process of weight loss. Alone she will not be able to make you lose weight.

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