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It’s hard to face reality when you grow old. The wrinkles are miserable and the decreasing power! After I turned 40, it was as though my face was slowly becoming a spider web of wrinkles, but luckily I found my solution very quickly: Velaire Cream Anti Aging Night Cream. It has helped my skin to stay young and healthy a lot. Let’s see how it helps you too.

What is she doing?

It is an anti-aging cream solution formula that benefits the skin at the cellular level.

It repairs the skin overnight and protects the skin cells from it to more radical damage. It soothes the skin of the entire trunk, bringing energy and nutrition to the cells and protecting against external and internal damage, while also reviving collagen stores.

How Effective is Velaire Cream?

If you want a strong re-generator for lost elastin your skin, then this night cream is the sure shot way. The formula does not mess with the daily routine since it relaxes before sleeping and while the rest of the body does, the skin also needs to be applied. It’s steady, but it works as studies have shown, this cream moisturizes while nourishing.

How does it work?

The ingredients are clinically tested and for helping the skin develop higher levels of collagen than proven to them

  • Make the skin memory 5 times more than usual the hydration
  • Keep the skin protected by developing a shield from free radical cells
  • Enhancing collagen and elastin stores by strengthening the connective tissue and the inter-cell binding
  • Prevents clogging of pores, so impurities do not stain
  • Keep environmental damage to the bay by lowering UV exposure

Velaire Cream Ingredients

Hylasome EG10

Coenzyme Q10

Comparison with others

Most anti aging creams are either for a daily use purpose or just contain antioxidant providing natural extracts. I have tried this, and it can be said from experience that it is not enough. If I really needed to fend off antioxidants by wrinkles alone, then I would rather consider making an investment in constant supply of pomegranates, grapefruit, and other fruits. But with this night cream, the advantage is that it has tested and formulated its own formula that smooth and relaxes the facial muscles and works on all skin types.

Side Effects

I have no adverse effects after not getting it, but for people with sensitive skin, a patch test is a must.

Application Instructions

The process is simple: first cleanse and then apply little amount of the cream before going to bed. Wash off with a mild cleanser as per your skin type in the morning.

Does it Really work?

Going through my experience I would say absolutely it does.

I have tried various products (serums, gels and creams) for anti-aging facial purpose, but was too afraid to go for surgery and Botox. I found this night cream at the right time because most of the antioxidant creams I was using were not working and I had to give up! But after a session with my dermatologist, I found out about Velaire Cream Anti Aging Cream, and it was 6 months of use. Now, my frown lines and crow’s feet have decreased significantly.

Things about her that you should know

It should only be used overnight and ensure that you follow a regular 8 hour sleep pattern because during sleep, the whole body including the skin relaxes, which gives the formula enough time to work on the skin cells. Before use, make sure you cleanse the face and remove it immediately in the morning.

In front-

  • Fast-absorbing, non-greasy and non-constipation formula that feels smooth for all skin types
  • Perfect for busy professionals with little time for beauty care as it is overnight for use
  • Affordable and painless (definitely better than Botox)
  • Contains syn-Åke and other tested, proven proprietary ingredients
  • Easily available online
  • No preservatives and free of parabens


It has no other product for morning or day care routine. Also, there is no small option for the purchase.

Where can I Order?

You can make online order for Velaire Cream.

Personal Experience

In just 6 months, my face looks much more relaxed, eyes radiant and youthful, and the skin is visibly free of wrinkles.

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