Verona Serum Reviews – The Secret to a Seductive Look! Shocking Result!

Did you ever want to have long, voluminous lashes like those of Hollywood stars? Since I was a child, I’ve always wondered how they made them look so pretty and seductive. Today I work in the field of beauty, I can reveal the modern secret of these women to achieve this: Verona Serum.

There are many ways in which lashes are highlighted, ranging from the use of mascara in makeup, to the application of permanent curls. Even extensions are in common use. The problem is that these methods damage these delicate hair fibers, and often cause them to fall.

Verona Serum offers a really healthy option to highlight lashes. I had the opportunity to try it recently, when I received a promotional kit. I was not convinced it would work, but I was surprised. Therefore, I have made the following review.

What is Verona Serum?

Verona Serum is a nutritional beauty product. It comes from the same company whose supplement to stop hair loss, has proven that the right vitamins are enough to make it look beautiful and attractive. This is why I decided to give it a try.

The pack is composed of:

  • The Advanced Growth Formula (supplement)
  • Follicle Therapy (supplement)
  • Eyelash highlighter (external use serum)

This set of tablets, together with the external highlighter, have the purpose of favoring the growth of the hair strands of the eyelashes. They do it with nutrients from inside the body, while providing vitality from the outside. It has visible results within the first 15 days of its application.

Benefits of Verona Serum

This serum has been made with natural ingredients, which have proven results in hair growth. In this way, they reactivate the hair follicles and prolong the length of the eyelashes. They also give them volume and silkiness.

The components of Verona Serum are the following:

  • Acid for Aminobenzoic: that builds proteins and protects hair from UV rays.
  • Horsetail: which provides silica and selenium that give strength and length to the hair.
  • Algae Extract: through which receives Iodine, Calcium and Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E.
  • Extract of Honey: that regulates the oiliness of the hair and gives it softness.
  • Biotin: by which fatty acids are regulated, and the hair and nails are strengthened.

The properties of these elements present in this product, change the conditions in which the tabs are developed. In addition to the external highlighter, these tiny capillary fibers improve their vigor and stand out naturally in the eyes.

How does Verona Serum work?

In the same way that a plant grows well if it is fertilized, the eyelashes can be better seen if they are hydrated and nourished. In fact, this can be seen in the use of some homemade methods such as the application of extra virgin olive oil, or the use of castor oil. Although its effects are limited, and does not work the same in all organisms.

The complete nutrition of Verona Serum invigorates the hair follicles, and makes each strand of the eyelashes grow fully. The result is a sensual look, whether you use makeup, or if you look in your natural state.

I Tried ALL Methods for Eyelash Growth

Through a personal search, and from the experience that my work requires, over the years I tried everything to highlight my eyelashes. So I realized that, although it seems a tiny part of our face, these can be affected by extreme manipulation. Because of this, I want to share my experience.

1- Extensions of eyelashes and false eyelashes

Since I like to highlight my eyes when I put on makeup, for some time I used false eyelashes. And I say it was not much, because I did not like how the glue left my eyelashes. They looked dry and opaque.

Then I tried the eyelash extensions. I went with the best comrade in the field, who used surgical glue of excellent quality. But the result looked unnatural, as if it were a mannequin. Luckily, they did not last more than a couple of weeks.

2- Permanent curling of eyelashes and other chemical and invasive treatments

Some time later I was tempted to perform a permanent curl of eyelashes. A friend had done it and said it was very good. But I did not run with the same fate: although the chemicals are approved, they caused a terrible itching in my eyes. I do not recommend it even for my worst enemy!

Added to this, when the effect of the permanent curly was gone, my eyelashes began to look more opaque. I simply would not deal with this method again!

3- Verona Serum

This is how we arrived at the recent moment when I tried the Verona Serum kit. I consumed it at the recommended dose: 3 capsules daily of the advanced growth supplement and 2 of the follicle therapy. I also applied the eyelash highlighter daily, making sure to cover the extension of the hair strands from the root.

Unlike the previous methods, this procedure really favored my eyelashes. In a short time they began to look brighter. It also increased its volume and length. I was happy to see that the damage caused by previous experiences was repaired.

In 2 weeks, I stopped using mascara. It was enough to delineate a little the eyes, because my eyelashes looked very well in their natural form.

What do my Readers say about Verona Serum?

When I received the Verona Serum I briefly mentioned it to some readers. Moved by curiosity, they also proved it. Excited with the results, they shared their experience with me. And for that, I also pass them on to you.

Ana, I tell you that I loved the effect of Verona Serum on my lashes. I always had them thin and lifeless. And after using hairpieces and extensions for a long time, they did not look better. This product revived and lengthened them naturally. I love it! “.- Lorena Dávalos, 35 years old, housewife. Mexico.

I am surprised with the results of Verona Serum. I did not believe that a supplement could achieve this. But I’m glad it did. I usually did not pay much attention to my eyelashes, but now they look bright and very interesting. “- Gabriela Pérez, 29, lawyer. Chile.

Verona Serum is not just for lashes. It also improves eyebrows! I can say it because that was my karma. I always had to highlight them with eyeliner, because they were very thin and translucent. Of course, it also improved my eyelashes. It is excellent, a product that every woman should have ”

Why does Verona Serum work Better than the other Methods?

The usual cosmetic methods to highlight the eyelashes, can be seen at first. But as I have verified, over time they cause a deep damage to the eyelashes that is not easy to reverse.

Verona Serum, far from damaging hair structure, provides nutrients that stimulate and improve. In this way you get eye-catching lashes naturally, and they look great, even without makeup.

How can you Buy Verona Serum Safely?

This nutritional beauty kit is sold exclusively from the official website of Verona Serum. You will not find it in a regular business or pharmacy. But there is a very good reason for this. It is the best way to obtain the following benefits:

  • You will receive the original product without alterations.
  • You will pay the fair price, since there are no intermediaries that make it more expensive.
  • The product will arrive directly at your home.
  • It is the only way to make use of the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Paying for this service is also very easy. This can be done by:

  1. International Credit Cards.
  2. Virtual Credit Cards.
  3. Secure Payments from Paypal.

Verona Serum: Proven Results!

If you want to highlight your beauty, it is best to use the most natural means possible. In the case of eyelashes, you should try not to suffer the consequences of using methods and treatments that can damage them.

I have verified that Verona Serum provides long and silky lashes, through nutrients and natural moisturization. It is an advanced product, with which you will achieve a sensual look, even without using mascara. Do not hesitate, choose the natural!

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